Which Acne Treatments Really Work?

With literally hundreds of acne treatments available on the market and all of them claiming to be the best, it’s only natural for you to be skeptical. There are a lot of acne products that fail to live up to their claims. This is largely due to inferior ingredients used in their formulas.acne-treatment-image

The secret to finding an acne treatment that really works is finding one that has ingredients that are scientifically proven to work and potent enough to be effective. Another important consideration is using a product that is designed to work on all types of acne skin conditions. Most acne solutions have a limited spectrum on which skin types they can effectively treat.   

Which Acne Treatments Work Best? 

In determining the best acne treatments available our research experts evaluated all of the top acne treatment products and rated them using an extensive testing process. Other considerations were ingredients, price, guarantee and overall customer satisfaction.

 Top Ten Rated Acne Treatment Products

Rank Product Product Quality Review Visit
1 Exposed Skin care Read Review visit
2 ClearPores Read Review visit
3 Clear Skin Max Read Review visit
4 Dermology Read Review visit
5 Acnezine Read Review visit
6 7 Day Acne Detox Read Review visit
7 Pronexin Read Review visit
8 AcnePril Read Review visit
9 Proactiv Read Review visit
10 AcneFree Read Review visit


Best Acne Treatment Products

Below you will find our top three (3) recommended acne treatments. On the left side navigation menu you can find our in-depth product reviews. We anticipate these reviews will help you make an informed decision on which acne treatment product is best suited for your needs.

#1 Exposed Skin Care



After months of research and analysis, we've concluded that Exposed Skin Care offers the best value among popular acne treatments in terms of results, ingredient quality, and pricing.  This product is commonly rated among the top acne products on various consumer review sites, and for good reason.

Exposed uses a unique formulation that combines the power of science and nature that's effective enough to treat all forms of acne including mild, moderate, and severe.  It's also great because it's gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.  According to their web site, they guarantee you clear skin within just 30 days or your money-back.

The active ingredients in Exposed include Benzoyl Peroxide, Tea Tree Oil, Green Tea, and Olive Leaf Extract among others.  When used together, these ingredients have shown to clear existing acne, even out skin tone, and reduce redness.  Overall, Exposed is a quality acne product worthy of heavy consideration for both adults and teens.

Treats The 4 Main Causes Of Acne

96% of Users Saw Improvement In Their Acne

Improves Skin Complexion and Skin Tone

Guarantees Clear Skin In 30 Days

365-Day Money Back Guarantee

Read Product ReviewClick Here To Visit Site
#2 ClearPores Skin Cleansing Sys.


The ClearPores Skin Cleansing System comprises three steps to achieve an acne and blemish-free skin and body. The first of the three steps is made with the Clear Pores Deep Cleansing  Wash.

It has natural herbs like aloe vera, echinacea, and dandelion that cleans the pores of the skin and eliminates the acne-causing bacteria inside.

The second step uses the Clear Pores Facial and Body Protection Cream, which keeps your pores clean for 24 hours after unplugging them; it also moisturize the skin, protecting it from drying. And finally, the third step involves the daily and regular use of Clear Pores products that fights off bacteria in its every angle, even from the inside!

Say goodbye to embarrassing acne blemishes

Stop breakouts at the root

Reduce the appearance of redness, swelling and scarring

Never again suffer from dry, flaky skin

Keep your skin looking healthy, radiant, and fresh

Read Product ReviewClick Here To Visit Site

#3 ClearSkin Max Acne Treatment

clearskin max

If you have suffered from acne for any length of time, you know how it can control your life and limit the activities you may enjoy. this can be very frustrating and at times heartbreaking. Well lucky for you Clear Skin MAX was developed.

Clear Skin MAX is a powerful 6 stage permanent solution for your acne problems. This scientifically proven formula has proven ingredients that clean, clear and purify your skin deeply and thoroughly. Because of its deep cleansing abilities, your acne doesn't stand a chance of surviving.

Clear Skin MAX acne treatment uses Anti Acne Tea, this unique blend of tea is proven to reduce redness and soreness of your skin due to acne breakouts. Clear Skin MAX offers the best guarantee in the business, a full 180 days and this comes with free shipping and handling.

Proven powerful ingredients

Clears your skin, making it vibrant and alive

Complete and powerful 6 piece kit

Cleanse from the inside with Anti Acne Tea blend

Read Product ReviewClick Here To Visit Site

  1. Exposed Skin Care
  2. ClearPores Skin Cleansing System
  3. Clear Skin Max Acne Treatment
  1. AcnEase Herbal Treatment
  2. AcneFree 24 Hour Acne Clearing System
  3. AcnePril Acne Solution
  4. Acnezine Skin Care System
  5. Actimine Natural Acne Treatment
  6. Clean And Clear Acne Spot Treatment
  7. ClearPores Skin Cleansing System
  8. Clear Skin MAX Acne Treatment
  9. Clinique Acne Solution Clear Skin System
  10. Dermajuv / Dermagist Acne Treatment
  11. Dermefface FX7 Scar Reduction Therapy
  12. Dermology Acne Treatment Skin Care Products
  13. Exposed Skin Care
  14. MaxClarity Foam Acne Medication
  15. Murad Acne Complex Kit
  16. Neutrogena Complete Acne Therapy System
  17. Orovo Internal Acne Fighter
  18. ProNexin All Natural Acne Treatment
  19. Skinception Rosacea Relief Serum
  20. SkiniD Personalized Acne Treatment
  21. Vilantae Acne Prevention Treatment
  22. Zenmed Derma Cleanse System
  23. Zyporex Chemical Free Acne Treatment
  24. 7 Day Acne Detoxifying Ingredients

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What Is Acne?

women-with-acneWe all have a basic idea of what acne is and the pain it can cause, not only physically but also emotionally. Getting rid of acne can be a real struggle, and while it makes puberty difficult for teenagers, it doesn't always end there. In addition, sometimes acne is so severe that medical attention is needed to treat it. Acne is an odd medical condition that is often hard to treat because it can be caused by a variety of factors. It can be brought on by hormonal issues, stress and at times are considered warning signs of health issues. Luckily, today there are more ways than ever to treat acne and help clear up your face, diminish the pock marks and acne scars that they cause and leaving your skin softer and clearer than ever before. To understand how these treatments work we must first understand what causes and increases the acne that we've all suffered from at some point in our lives.

What Causes Acne to Appear?

Acne occurs when the small pore in your skin become clogged. The pores are typically very small, hardly visible to eye sight. They have a miniscule hair and tiny oil gland inside them that lubricates the skin and helps clear out some of the older skin particles around it. When these glands start producing an abundance of that oil, more than is needed to do its simple task, then the pores become open to blockage, caused by bacteria and inflammation, other cells building up, dirt, or any sort of material that finds its way onto your face. When the pore is plugged, you'll see either a white or dark area at the top of the pore, which are what we refer to as white and black heads, also referred to as the small tips of the pore. If the plug is broken, i.e. if you pop it, you may experience a moment of relief; however it can also lead to swelling in that area and inflammation around it. Sometimes the inflammation can be extreme, depending on the size of the pore blockage, and can even turn the pore from a pimple to a cyst.

Who Does Acne Affect?

rosaceaWhile acne is typically associated with someone entering into puberty, it can also affect older adults and even infants, basically, no one is left untouched. Adult acne (Rosacea) effects many people later in life who may or may not have experienced acne as a teenager. Acne can be triggered by factors other than hormones such as greasy cosmetic products, stress, humidity and sweating, and even certain drugs such as estrogen or testosterone. Many people will say sweets cause acne as well, but this is not backed up by any reputable research.

Types of Acne

Acne takes on many forms, not simple black and white heads. In fact dry skin and areas rife with dead skin cells are also forms of acne. Pustules and papules are associated with acne and can often lead to various acne issues including boils and cysts. Redness and inflammation is a form of acne and doesn't always have to be associated with a pimples either. Sometimes the inflammation gets so bad that you can end up with scarring on the skin.

Acne Medications and Treatments

Depending on the severity of the acne problem, there are several, over the counters treatments you can try as well as prescription medications that can be very effective. Because acne is such a common problem, medical research continues to search for a faster, more effective cure with limited side effects.

There are a few things you can do without medication as well, such as cleansing your skin regularly. Use a non drying soap and a wet cloth to remove all the dirt and makeup from your face is an important step in the treatment of acne and should be done at least twice a day, especially after exercising. Do not over wash or scrub your face however, because it is also not healthy to remove all the natural oils from your skin. When taking a shower, make sure to shampoo thoroughly, as having oily hair can often lead to acne being more intense. Make sure not to touch your face as much as possible, and avoid putting greasy or oily products on your face, even if they are designed for cosmetic use. Oily skin care products shouldn't be considered if you have acne problems.

treating-acne-imageIf simply cleansing you skin doesn't help, there are a lot medications out there for you to try. The best place to start is by trying over the counter medications. Most acne medications include sulfur, various acids, and benzoyl peroxide to maximize effectiveness. There are many brands of these acne medications, some yield great results for some people, but not for everyone. You may want to try a couple before deciding whether or not to go see a dermatologist for your acne problem. Keep in mind that there are medications that can cause acne and can often lead to redness in the face and even patches of dry skin. These side effects are often very miniscule and tolerable when compared to the positive results that come with them.

Do You Need Professional Help?

If the over the counter medications don't deliver the desired results, you may need to see a professional dermatologist. These medical professionals can prescribe a few different kinds of medications to help with your acne problem. The most popular types of medications tend to be antibiotics, some to be taken as a pill and some that you apply like lotion. Most of these take a while to see true results, and can also result in some redness (especially the topical treatments) but the results are normally impeccable.

There are new medications being experimented with every day, and with the wide variety of treatments out there you should be able to find something to help you get rid of your acne. It is a difficult thing to live with but with some basic hygienic tips, and the many treatments available, you won't have to deal with white heads or inflamed skin forever.


Acne problems have plagued most of us for decades now and there are many treatments for it, some of which have been quite successful, some that only work on the most mild cases, some cheap, some expensive, some over the counter, and some that require multiple tests and many visits to the dermatologist. There is no clear answer to everyone's acne problems but that doesn't mean they aren't worth trying. With each passing year more and more money is being invested into the acne care market, and while a lot of this gets diverted to advertising, many businesses see the potential of developing a truly efficient acne treatment and the outcome of their efforts has been promising. Their investments in research and clinical studies have led to a variety of successful acne treatments.


Acne Creams and Antibiotics

There are a variety of acne creams you can buy over the counter that have been used along with a cleansing regimen, and then there are also the pads that have been developed by many companies to be applied as spot treatment, that do a fairly good job of clearing up some forms of acne. Most of these medications have worked well on mild acne cases, but for the more extreme cases it is important to look for alternative medical treatments.

After visiting a dermatologist you will typically be prescribed antibiotics to try and clear up your acne but that's not always the best choice and luckily not the only option available to you. The continuous and long term use of antibiotics can often have unpleasant side effects and long term use can cause health concerns.laser treatment

New Laser Treatments

Fortunately there are laser acne treatments and scar removal procedures that can be carried out in a day and are also simple outpatient procedures. When the laser treatments were first introduced, they seemed dangerous and weren't as effective as they are today. The original laser treatments often left small scars or irritated and inflamed skin. Today innovative laser acne treatments are completely safe and highly effective.

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

One of the many new acne laser treatments available to you today is the Fractional CO2 laser treatment that does more than simply burn the acne off. It pokes microscopic holes that you won't ever notice right into the epidermis and the dermis. These small unnoticeable holes allow the collagen to be produced more efficiently, and in turn fill the holes and cover up the acne scars and marks. This laser treatment leaves the newer layer of skin on top of the acne look nice and smooth. It essentially causes the body to react to the small holes by producing an entirely new layer of smoother and rejuvenated healthy skin. The results of this procedure have been great! Most people notice an estimated 45 to 75% reduction in their acne, and that effect is still retained even 6 months later. Results can vary but over 75% of those who have the procedure have claimed that the treated areas of their skin continue to improve for over 6 months following treatment.

What are the risks of this treatment? In rare cases you may see a slight scarring and inflammation on the more sensitive skin areas. Sometimes dark spots will appear for a few days, but eventually disappear. There is no downtime required either, although a healing ointment must be applied to the face for the next three days while the skin rejuvenates.laser treatment

Diode Laser Therapy Treatment

The Fractional CO2 laser treatment is one of the newest laser acne treatments available but Diode Laser Therapy has also been developed to a point where it is primarily safe to all those that use it. Diode lasers can help eliminate sebaceous glands in the dermis and do so without harming the outer skin. This is one of the more painful laser options available to those who suffer from acne scarring, however it is also supposed to permanently eliminate any acne caused by the sebaceous glands. It ends up reducing the acne breakouts you have permanently by more than 60% , and the only side effects is some pain and swelling for a few days after the treatment.

There is a less painful pulsed light and heat treatment that can shrink the sebaceous gland instead of completely eliminating it, which decreases its oil production and stops the production of acne on your face by a good amount. This is also a more permanent solution however sometimes the gland can slowly get larger once again. This is usually a long time coming and by then the oils produced will be minimal. The side effects are also redness and some slight swelling however they are much less intense and hardly noticeable for most patients.

Blue Light Therapy Treatment

Lately a lot of treatments have gone from using lasers to using light. The blue light therapy for instance is a completely painless procedure but it must be done in a series of sessions. It is said to destroy P. acnes which can be the main source of your breakouts. Often the blue light therapy is employed with red lights to add more heat on the P. acnes and eliminate them a lot faster. These procedures have excellent results and often can be carried out without any major side effects.laser treatment

There are many solutions out there for people suffering from acne, and many of them will work for you and might not for others. It's a good idea to talk to a dermatologist if you are having severe breakouts, and if they are minor, just try some over the counter ointments and treatments, which are inexpensive options. Antibiotics have also been developed to a point where they are largely successful, but they do come with side effects and again, won't work for everyone. If you are looking for a fast instant and highly effective acne care solution, laser and light treatments are offered at a variety of places and are dropping in price. It's really about preference and what works for you. Talk to someone, and make an informed decision about the latest and greatest acne treatments.

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